Liquid Damage Repairs

Wine ,Water, Tea, milk, juice, coffee, beer or liquid spillage can cause issues with the internal circuitry of your laptop or other Apple devices that can leave it unusable and damage. If you accidentally spilled liquid on your Apple iMac or laptop may result in a failure of the trackpad, keyboard, Motherboard and other internal components. Liquid damage issues are extremely upsetting for all Apple Device users.

If the Apple Device works like before after you have cleaned it, it is great. But, if it won’t power on, it is time that you bring the Apple Devices to us so that we can take a look at it. We, at Apple Repair Solution will help you with professional Apple Mac liquid damage repair services for Mumbai clients.

We will identify your Apple device and tell you whether or not it is recoverable and provide the best solution for your issue. We shall make every effort to restore your device from the water or liquid damage. Each liquid spill case is unique and it requires an extensive scope of troubleshooting, component replacement and repair services and in some cases your Apple device may require a Mac logic board repair service. Apple Repair Solution gives a complete analysis and maintenance solutions to fit your technical needs and our solutions are offered to both residential and business clients in Mahim, Andheri and across the Mumbai. Damage due to liquid spilled on an Apple Device is not generally covered by the Apple 1 year restricted guarantee.

liquid damage mac

Full-Service Water/liquid Damage Repairs and Upgrades – All models –

  • Apple MacBook Pro Water Damage Repair
  • MacBook Air Water Damage Repair
  • Apple iMac Water Damage Repair
  • iPhone Water Damage Repair
  • Apple iPad Water Damage Repair
  • Mac Mini Water Damage Repair
  • Apple Mac Pro Water Damage Repair
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