Apple Retina Display Repair

The Retina Display has a higher resolution than the non-Retina display. More resolution means the display is more costly and sharper than the non-retina display. Display pixel thickness is so high, around at least 300 or more pixels per inch that a person is unable to see the individual pixels at a usual viewing distance. But, what happensContinue reading “Apple Retina Display Repair”

Apple Device Logic board Repair

Apple Logic Board is similar to a computers “Motherboard” – computers main circuit board. It contains the main system memory and circuitry that control the disk drive, display, keyboard and peripherals. Apple Device users at home can look for signs of a failing logic board, such as – Mac will not power on, system runningContinue reading “Apple Device Logic board Repair”

MacBook Pro Repair

  Apple MacBook Pro Repair in Plano,Texas Here at Apple Repair Solution we offer a quick and reliable Apple Laptop MacBook Pro Repair Service to home users and business clients in and around North Dallas. We Repair all models of 13inch, 15inch and 17inch MacBook Pro Non Retina and MacBook Pro Retina laptops.  We canContinue reading “MacBook Pro Repair”


Apple Mac Specialist   Remote and onsite support for Mac users Configuration of Apple clients Repairs and upgrades of portable and desktop Macs Experience of enterprise level deployments Multi Tasking MAC deployment and device management tools such as Centrify/JamfPro (Casper) General Mac support & repairs Thorough understanding of networking protocols & processes Experience of workingContinue reading “APPLE MAC SPECIALIST”

Mac Mini Repair

Apple Mac Mini Repair The Apple Mac Mini is a ultra-thin aluminum structure; a removable baseboard for simple access to memory and a space saving inbuilt power supply, the Apple Mac Mini is really amazing.   At Apple Repair Solution, based in Mumbai, we offer expert Apple Mac mini Repair, Replacement parts and Upgrade ServicesContinue reading “Mac Mini Repair”