imac repair

The Apple iMac 20inch, 24inch, 21inch and 27 inch Repair and upgrades!! Apple Repair Solution based in Plano, Texas has a Team of expert Apple iMac Repair technician to deal with and fix all kinds of software and Hardware issue you can come over with your 20”, 24”, 21” and 27” Apple iMac computers. We Apple Repair Solution have expert team of Apple iMac Repair, Our experts have skills to rectify the exact issue and Fix the issue permanently related with iMac Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 models with fast turnaround time.

Apple iMac Common Repair We offer-

  • Apple iMac Cracked or Broken Screen / Display Replacement
  • iMac front Glass Replacement
  • Apple iMac Logic Board or Motherboard Repair and Replacement
  • iMac Liquid / Water Damage Repair
  • iMac Broken Keyboard Key Repair
  • Apple iMac Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrade
  • iMac Audio and Microphone Jack Repair and Replacement
  • Dead iMac Repair
  • iMac Track pad (Touchpad, Mouse pad) Replacement Repair And Replacement
  • Apple iMac Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • iMac Graphics Card (GPU) Repair & Replacement
  • Apple iMac flash folder question mark issue Repair
  • iMac inverter board repair and Replacement
  • Apple iMac over heating issue repair
  • iMac RAM Upgrade
  • Apple iMac Restarting issue repair
  • iMac Power supply repair and replacement
  • Apple iMac Fan Replacement
  • iMac Speakers Replacement
  • Apple iMac servicing
  • iMac Wifi issue Repair

We have solution for all kinds of Apple iMac issues like

Dead iMac Repair
Apple iMac Won’t Turn on
iMac freezing and overheating
The Apple iMac fan is making a very loud sound:
Broken Screen/ Retina Display
iMac Water / liquid Damage
Broken or cracked Glass
Distorted video
iMac Charging Port issue
Motherboard or logic Board Failure:
iMac Power supply issues
Apple iMac Graphics Card issue
iMac Screen issues Vertical lines
Apple iMac Hard Drive Failure:
iMac Won’t shut down
Apple iMac USB ports not Working
Apple iMac RAM Slots Issue
Wi-Fi issues
USB Ports Not Working