macmini repair

Apple Mac Mini Repair

The Apple Mac Mini is a ultra-thin aluminum structure; a removable baseboard for simple access to memory and a space saving inbuilt power supply, the Apple Mac Mini is really amazing.

At Apple Repair Solution, based in North dallas, we offer expert Apple Mac mini Repair, Replacement parts and Upgrade Services for Mumbai clients. If your Apple Mac Mini is giving issues, Apple Repair Solution in Plano ,Texas is happy to help you with repair, hardware upgrade or replacing the defective Parts. We repair, Replacement and upgrade services of all Apple Mac mini models including Core 2 Duo, Corei5 and Corei7.

Our full service Apple Mac Mini Repair Solutions include –

  • Dead Mac Mini Repair
  • Mac Mini LCD Repair and Replacement
  • Apple Mac Mini Optical Drive Repair and Replacement
  • Mac Mini Power Supply Repair and Replacement
  • Keyboard Repair and Replacement for Apple Mac Mini
  • Mac Mini Data Recovery Service
  • Hard Drive Upgrade and Replacement for Mac Mini
  • Apple Mac Mini Memory (RAM) Upgrade and Replacement
  • Mac Mini Logic board or Motherboard Repair and Replacement
  • Apple Mac Mini software upgrade
  • Mac OS X installation and Upgrade
  • Resolve internet related issues

We can fix all kinds of Apple Mac Mini issues such as

We can fix all kinds of Apple Mac Mini issues such as

Mac Mini not turn on:

Apple Mac Mini running very hot temperature:

Hard drive issues:

Mac mini beeps 2 or 3 times on startup and doesn’t boot:

Mac mini no startup chime

Bluetooth devices may not pair during setup Assistant

Head phone or Microphone ports issues

Brightness issues with some VGA outputs

Randomly crashing

USB ports issues

Apple Mac Mini display has no video:

SD card Slot issues

Mac mini unexpected shutdown:

Internet connection issues

Kernel panics

Mac mini Memory issues (RAM):

Motherboard or Logic board failure:

Mac mini power supply issues:

Stuck DVD or CD

Display not waking up from sleep

Mac operating system issues:

Apple Mac mini running slow than normal

Computer isn’t responding at all


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